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Psychological Assessment

Dr. Christy Reeder provides psychological assessment in Austin, Texas. Psychological assessment, also known as psychological testing, is a reliable way to obtain a comprehensive understanding of you or your child’s strengths and limitations by gaining an accurate diagnosis. This evaluation will provide your therapist or healthcare provider with the necessary information to better plan your care and for you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. The information you gain will help you make well-informed decisions concerning your treatment.

Common Referral Questions

Are my difficulties due to ADHD or anxiety?

Does my child have autism spectrum disorder?

What kind of counseling or treatment is best for me?

Why is my child struggling in school?

What To Expect

Step 1 – Initial Interview

We discuss what issues you are experiencing and how your life has been impacted, as well as explore your medical, social and psychological history. This process helps me determine which instruments will prove most beneficial.

Step 2 – Test Administration

I administer the appropriate psychological instruments, which may involve filling out questionnaires, solving problems, exploring underlying personality dynamics and, for young children, play-based observations.

Step 3 – Feedback Session

After I have evaluated the assessment results, we will explore their findings and I will provide recommendations for improving your symptoms, harnessing your strengths and developing new strategies to handle personal challenges.


While I provide a variety of psychological assessment services, my specializations include ADHD, PTSD, mood disorders, personality dynamics and autism spectrum disorder.


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