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Adult Counseling

Whatever your story, I hope to provide you with an open and safe environment to freely share yourself so that you can build a more satisfying life.

Why See A Counselor?

Those seeking adult counseling generally come to me for one of two reasons. Some feel stuck reliving the same patterns over and again. Others have experienced a traumatic event, major life transition or significant loss. If this describes you, counseling may be a significant step in improving your situation.

Common Reasons for Seeking Adult Counseling

Here are two common scenarios for adult counseling:

Scenario 1

In many ways, you are successful – you excel at your work, do well academically and benefit people around you. But there is a part of you that doesn’t match up with the rest. You may have the same argument with different partners, feel lonely regardless of situation or ruthlessly attack yourself despite your accomplishments. This paradox can be confusing, and my hope in adult counseling is to provide you with a safe space to understand yourself more deeply and help you develop a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others.

Scenario 2

Or maybe life has gone fairly smoothly. You have had your share of ups and downs, and you typically handle things well. But something has happened, and you can’t quite make sense of it. It doesn’t fit with how you understand yourself or your life. The advice of friends is not enough, and you need a neutral yet compassionate counselor to help sort things out.

What To Expect in Adult Counseling

My approach to adult counseling is guided by several general prinicpals.  Adult counseling will be:

1. Collaborative

We are partners. You set the agenda and I use my training, expertise and experience to help you achieve your goals.

2. Relational

Because human beings are social by nature, the quality of our relationships dramatically impacts the quality of our lives. I will help you feel understood and at ease as we examine your relationships, investigate reoccurring patterns and explore different ways of being with yourself and others.

3. Insightful

Who you are today is shaped by your temperament, experiences and relationships. Understanding their influence can give you ownership of your life.

4. Holistic

Human beings are complex creatures with many different parts – physical, emotional and spiritual. Our goal in counseling is to ensure those parts are working well together.

Intake Forms

Download and complete all necessary intake forms for adult counseling before you arrive from the comfort of your own home.


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